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Was the coronavirus all that it was made out to be?

Well, let’s get some stats and try and make heads or tails of it all!

After all, I think we deserve a little clarity, no?

coronavirus deaths
All deaths within 30 days of a positive are automatically attributed to COVID-19

Of course, we feel for all the families affected by Covid-19 but….

I have to start by saying that it doesn’t seem to be too drastically different these two figures. As you will see in documents below the overall mortality rate over the past few years hasn’t changed much either. As with all things, and it is truely is sad to say, but you have to look to see who it is that will gain from a situation, and only then can you draw some reasonable assumptions. Others would say, “Follow the money”, and they wouldn’t be wrong. That fact is that there is much larger picture at play than most would care to think about or believe. The powers that be are real, and they will stop at nothing to remain the powers that be. As I was saying these numbers aren’t too far off, but when you take into count that every death that happened within 30 days of a positive covid test is automatically considered and reported on the death certificate as a “Official COVID-19 fatality”, it should give one pause. Why are we being fed this information?

Information Taken From the

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine

Overall about one in thirteen deaths with COVID-19 on the death certificate did not have the disease as the underlying cause of death; however, this proportion has risen substantially to nearly a third over the last eight weeks.

Daniel Howdon, Jason Oke, Carl Heneghan

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